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Counselling can help you when you need someone to talk to. Often we turn to friends or family but sometimes we can not talk to our loved ones about our problems. Understanding how we think can help us to change the way we think and feel.

If you are bothered about things that keep popping up or feelings you don’t understand, or are feeling stressed out due to¬†difficulty with divorce, family, life-work balance, grief, loss, chronic health conditions, depression or anxiety then Chrissie Counselling may be able to help.

Chrissie says “I have worked with people from 11 years of age to 86 years of age, couples, male, female and from a variety of backgrounds, sometimes for a very short time and sometimes across a number of months or years – it depends on what my client needs – we work out a plan together.”

Please feel free to browse around the site, or to contact Chrissie.